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Now pleased to announce that we are installing 

and repairing auto glass. Call today for a quote! 


Grime2Shine, LLC is a locally owned and operated automotive detailing business dedicated to bringing quality detailing at an affordable price to the average person. We are not a Home based business, your car will not be detail in my garage or a shady back alley shop. We are fully Insured offering Free Valet Service in Kalispell area. We pay our employees by the hour rather than per detail. We feel this gives them incentive to take the time to give you the quality your car deserves. We use reverse osmosis water on every detail. We also exclusively use the best products by Zepp / Ecolab, products such as rain-x and Black Magic to protect and bring out the beauty of your vehicle. Come down and see how we can make your vehicle shine

Why do we use Spot-Free Reverse Osmosis Water?

We exclusively use spot-free reverse osmosis water because we know the only way to bring out the true shine of your vehicle is to use water free of minerals and pollutants. Nothing but pure clean water means a cleaner, shiner look. Water free from minerals is also gentler on your car's paint, ensuring it will be beautiful even longer.

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